Flying Fish Fundamentals



Double vane flag w/o daisy

The photo to the right shows the red color that I use along with a red daisy







Nylon bolt holsters.  Will hold any short or BR action bolt

Cartridge boxes.  I only make boxes for the score cartridges. Sinclairs  and others make boxes for the 6 PPC


They are 6 to a tube with clips and rings for mounting them to your flags.

Just some of the colors available.

Stock Tape

Enough for 2 stocks in each package.

Of the 2 types, the PTFE is the slickest, but it is flesh tan in color

Flag pole


The photo shows the 5 sections of the pole that extend or contract by twist lock.  Also shown is the spike that threads onto the bottom of the pole.  Note the spike stands proud of the threaded cap so it can be hammered in to really hard ground if need be.

Just a few of the various Bore Guides I make.  Note the far right package, 204 Ruger.  I can make a guide for almost any bolt action centerfire out there.  I just need to know what it is and what caliber.

Product Photos

Speedblocks.  I build these for all the major competition cartridges,


Note that there are 2 different styles.  I find the one on the left works great for group shooting, it helps me to keep track of my record shots.  Top 5 for sighters and bottom 5 (slot ) record


The one on the right is used more for score shooting.  You can see on the target where the record shots are, you just need the rounds close to the loading port ready to go.

Flagpole levels.  Get the best sensitivity when your flags are pivoting straight and level

Super Shoot  2012

NBRSA HBR Nationals


The far left orange flag and the far right green flag show the colors I am building the majority of today

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