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Our wind flags are built from materials that allow their use in all weather conditions.  With a little care they should last you a lifetime of shooting. All flags are custom built.  There are none on the shelf ready to ship. That way you get what YOU want.


I can build your flags, single or double vane, in just about any color combination you desire. Currently, I have Red, Fl. Orange, Fl. Green, Fl. Pink, Apple Green, and Goldenrod film in stock. I can have almost any color in the rainbow available, given time to order it.


The windflag poles are made of aluminum and delrin.  They use a separate spike driven in the ground for support.  Standard pivot pin diameter is 1/4”, other diameters are available upon request.


Wind Flags

Single vane          w/ or w/o daisy   

Double vane         w/ or w/o daisy


Replacement daisy      yellow w/ brown center


Wind flag tails

Standard tails (replacements) surveyor tape and yarn

Sail Tails (spinnaker cloth) per 6 tails w/ tube

Colors available:

Fl. Yellow, Fl. Green, Fl. Pink, Rasberry. White, Blue, Black

Wind flag poles

Extended length of up to 17 foot is available standard.  These are 5 section poles. Our poles are twist-lock for extension so there are no set screws on the outside for tails to get hung up on. The pivot pin I use standard is 1/4” OD.  Please specify if you need a different diameter. Please specify if you have a specific collapsed length you need due to short pole requirements


Stock tape  -  enough for 2 stocks

UHMW tape  -  clear

PTFE tape  -  tan (true Teflon)

25 cartridge boxes  -  30x44, 30x47, 30-BR

Flying Fish Mirage Shields  

Cartridge Speedblocks

Nylon bolt holster

Pole Levels

Flying Fish Bore-guides

Specify action and cartridge – centerfire only

All poles – all lengths























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