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When I got started benchrest shooting competitively , it became obvious very quickly that good windflags are a must.  After trying a lot of different styles and types of flags that were available at the time, it became obvious that I was going to have to build my own if I was going to be satisfied.  That has lead to what you now see as Flying Fish Fundamentals, great windflags and a whole lot more.


Flying Fish Fundamentals has been very fortunate to have a number of National Championships and World Records shot over our flags. We are honored to have had the Inaugural NBRSA 2012 VFS Champion using Flying Fish flags. As a matter of fact, all but the very first IBS  2 - Gun Score records have been shot over Flying Fish flags.  And the 2009 IBS and 2010 NBRSA Hunter Benchrest Champion was using our flags.

Flying Fish Fundamentals products are now on every benchrest  continent in the world.  Thank you all.

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Max, the Flying Fish Fundamentals mascot

2012 NBRSA Varmint for Score


Sandra Simon

The whole gang from Inaugural NBRSA VFS Nationals

Dean Breeden—IBS 2 gun Record Holder

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